Gen Z are leading the Best Top Job Market: some could net you six-figure salaries

As inflation continues to creep up across the U.S. more and more adults are turning to side hustles to bring in extra cash – whether they’re already in high-paid jobs or not.

The majority of the side job workforce are Gen Z。

The average side hustle will bring in around $473 a month –$5,700 a year– from jobs including reselling items on sites like Amazon or eBay, day trading, tutoring or online freelancing.

What are the most in-demand side hustles?

programming, report writing, and research-related roles were among the highest-ranking categories.

Report writing job requests spiked 59.5%. Also popular are candidates with Matlab and Mathematica training –which are two separate programs used by engineers to analyze data.

Research jobs and research writing rank offers were the third and fifth largest skills being searched for, growing by 36.3% and 32.1% respectively.

Which side hustles pay the most?

According to job site flexjobs, part-time work on an adjustable basis can pay anywhere up to $133 an hour.

Top sectors recommended by the platform include product management, which entails taking an item or service from conception to production. It pays an average of around $62 an hour.

Project managers, who are tasked with keeping track of budgets, performance, and co-ordinating meetings can also charge an average of $66 an hour.

More niche side hustles are where the real money lies however.

Psychiatrists can charge around $133 an hour and corporate lawyers can rake in $63 an hour.

Meanwhile, Freelancer’s most in-demand roles have six-figure salaries attached on a remote basis, should side hustlers choose to take their part-time gig on permanently.

Software engineers working from home can expect to make around $70,000 in their early career. This tends to rise to around $120,000 by the time they’ve reached their mid-career.

Freelancing platform Upwork also highlighted that programmers across a variety of languages can expect to earn $60-70 an hour with an annual salary of around $120,000.

Their counterparts in mobile and web development can expect to earn $100,000 and $90,000 respectively.

Meanwhile, business analysts with qualifications in computer science, management information systems or computer engineering can expect to bring home nearly $130,000 by the middle of their careers. They start out with a slightly lower salary of around $53,000 on average.

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